Your Zakat Can Empower Lives….

Jinnah Hospital is catering to a sea of poor patients in the heart of Pakistan. More than 1.6 million patients are benefiting from this vital health institution every year. Four out of five patients entering the gates of Jinnah Hospital belong to the poorest families living below the poverty line with less than $2 per day. For them ours is perhaps the only door open responding to their ever growing medical needs.

While the Government funds the administrative expenses of Jinnah Hospital, their treatment, medicine, food expenses and needs arising due to natural calamities like epidemics and floods are being met from the zakat of caring people like you. Every dollar that you give has a deeper purpose and impact!

Donate for Food
With half a dollar you can pay for a patient’s meals for one day.
With US $ 365 you can fund the six months treatment of one Hepatitis patient.
With US $ 390. you can sponsor a bed for one year benefiting many poor patients.
I want to join the fight against disease.