Jinnah Hospital has 44 departments. Seven of its busiest departments are listed below.

Patient Care


Thousands of lives are lost in Pakistan due to mishandling of delivery at home. Gynae Department at Jinnah is a beacon of hope for thousands of young women and their babies. We have renovated and made essential additions to the Gynecology Department enabling it to serve a much larger number of patients. Today, the Department is equipped with two Operation theatres, new equipment including E.C.G., O.T. tables, recovery beds, Sonic Aids, surgical and delivery equipment and highly competent staff.

Every year, more than 50,000 patients come to Gynecology Department. Our services for these patients include pre- and post-delivery ases including pre-natal care. In addition to these, our Infertility Clinic in OPD is also providing complete services.

Patient Welfare for Food


Cardiology Department has been in service for fifteen years. The Department includes one ward with fifteen beds, a CCU with six beds, and an ICU. Every year, more than 500 cardiac surgeries are being performed in the Department by a competent team of three cardiologists and five doctors.

The services provided in the Department include coronary artery bypass surgery, valve surgery, aortic aneurysm repair and cardiac re-operative procedures. These operations are carried out with the help of a state-of-the-art heart lung machine, ultra-sound machine, intra optic balloon pumps, syringe pumps and cardiac ICU equipment.

Poor patient Help


Jinnah Hospital has the distinction of being one of the few hospitals in public sector which has a separate Oncology Department to provide services to the poor and the destitute. As many as 17,000 patients are provided treatment here annually. This is the largest number of cancer patient coming to any Hospital in Pakistan and this includes specialized cancer hospitals. One thousand types of cancers are being treated at Jinnah Hospital completely free of cost.

The treatment duration is from six months to five years and the cost incurred on treatment of one cancer patient can go as high as several thousands of dollars.

Helpless Patient Care


This Department is equipped with Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Isolation Ward, Neurology Ward, Diarrhea Ward, General Ward, Immunization Room, New Natal Unit, and a Nursery.

We have state-of-the-art facilities such as Ventilators, Gas Inhaler, Cardiac Monitor, 79 beds, and also a monitoring set up to assure the security of every child patient. We cater to more than sixty children each day and we aim to continue to provide even better facilities and treatment to an increasing number of young patients.

Helpless Patient Care


With its outdoor department of 23 beds, Jinnah Hospital's Neurology Department has highly qualified and skilled doctors who are ready to take on challenges. We provide quality treatment to 600 patients each month. These patients benefit from a range of diagnostic services like CT, MRI scans, microscope and pathology lab. The treatment for all neurological ailments including removal of brain tumor, spinal and head injuries are provided here.

Helpless Patient Care


Jinnah's Orthopedic Department has high quality facilities coupled with free treatment which gives our patients the hope to stand and face life. There are separate wards for males and females. In total, 2,854 in-patients are catered each month.

Almost all kinds of bones deformities are treated here. These disorders are a result of accident, disease which are genetically inherited. The 65 bed department also deals with implantations of the bones.

Helpless Patient Care


It is a harsh reality that many of the skin disorders are for a life time and patients sometimes require treatment for the rest of their lives. Skin Department is continuously focusing on improve facilities and services for each patient who comes here.

Jinnah Hospital has two units for treatment of all kinds of skin diseases. We are catering to 5,000 patients on a monthly basis. Unit II has 15 beds and there are 35 medical personnel working to provide individualized care to patients.