1. What is Jinnah Hospital?

Jinnah is one of the largest hospitals of Pakistan dedicated in service of the poor. In year 2011-2012, the hospital provided treatment to 871,909 patients through its various departments covering all aspects of medical care. Each department of this huge medical facility is like a hospital in itself. See the ABOUT US section for more information.

2. What is Jinnah Patient Welfare Association U.S.?

It is a charity based organization tax exempted under Section 501 (c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. The purpose of the Association is to bring relief to the poor Pakistanis who do not have the luxury of getting medical treatment for themselves and their families. Our aim is the provision of support to provide quality health care. In our books, no one gets turned away from our doors for lack of funds. Every life is precious!

3. How can I give to Jinnah Patient Welfare Association U.S.?

You can support us by filling our online donation form or send us a check in favour of: 'Jinnah Patient Welfare Association U.S.' and send at our address given below:

43591 Blacksmith Square Ashburn, VA 20147. Mobile Phone: 703-731-5237.

You can also deposit donations directly at:
Bank of America
Account Title: Jinnah Patient Welfare Association-U.S.
Account Number: 435032217106,
Routing Number: 026009593

4. Who will benefit from my donations?

Jinnah Hospital caters to patients coming from all over Pakistan. Because of its strategic location, all casualties are also brought in the 24/7 Emergency. The people who come to us include not only those living under the poverty line but the "safaid posh" section as well who never ask anyone for help openly. .

5. What are the tax benefits of making a gift to Jinnah Patient Welfare Association U.S.?

When you donate to the institute you qualify for tax deduction under Section 501 (c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

6. Would your office acknowledge my donations?

Our office issues a formal receipt and letter, signed and acknowledged by a person in authority, which you can use for claiming tax benefits.

7. I want to make a donation for a specific department or project which is not mentioned in the pledge form. Please advise what I should do.

In such a case please contact us via e-mail and our representative will get in touch with you regarding your specific donation. You can send your queries to the following email address:

Email: info@jpwaus.com

8. Whom should I contact to discuss a large gift opportunity or for any other questions?

Please contact Resource Development Department, Patient Welfare Association at

Email: info@jpwaus.com

9. How is my Zakat treated differently from donations?

We understand the sacred trust we are indebted with when handling Zakat. The most judicious usage and the deliverance of services to the most deserving person are ensured. We have a system in place that ensures that the person seeking help is Zakat deserving.

Also, Jinnah Patient Welfare Association U.S. maintains separate records for Zakat and donations. The two accounts are dealt separately when making any decision about the utilization of your giving.

10. How much of my Zakat/donations actually go to patients in need of medical assistance?

Jinnah Patient Welfare Association ensures that 100% of your Zakat or donations go directly for the benefit of poor patients. The Government caters to the administrative expenses and the salaries paid giving us the leverage to utilize the donated amount for the most pressing needs. For example, if you send Zakat, it may be used to purchase the vaccines for Hepatitis B & C or it may be spent for meals to patients.

11. For what purpose is my zakat or donations utilized for?

Unless you have not specified the usage of your gift, Patient Welfare Association U.S. will treat your giving as a General Fund. In case of Zakat, your giving will be utilized for providing free food, medicine, tests, and treatment specifically focused on individuals.

In case of donations, your funds can be directed to renovation, reconstruction, and expansion projects. Your donations can also be used for purchase of equipment and machinery which the hospital deems useful for the benefit of poor patients. You can direct the usage of your donation.

12. I have a question that is not here.

Please email us at: info@jpwaus.com