Patient Care


Jinnah is one of the largest hospitals in Pakistan and hundreds and thousands of non-affording patients come to us in their most difficult time when they are sick or injured. In 2011-2012 alone 871, 909 patients received treatment at Jinnah Hospital.

While the Government of Punjab covers the administrative expenses of this huge health facility, socially responsible citizens have gathered under the umbrella of Patient Welfare Association Jinnah Hospital to help provide quality treatment to non-affording patients. The Association responds to the problems faced by poor patients and provides another go ahead to their lives.

Many Pakistanis living in the U.S. have been seeking to support the work of Jinnah Hospital. We have, therefore, registered Patient Welfare Association- U.S. under 501 (c)3 as a charity organization so that Pakistani brethren in the U.S. can help provide solace and treatment to poor patients in Pakistan.


Jinnah ensures the most judicious use of donor funds. In addition to providing treatment, food and medicine, we work to safeguard the ego of a poor patient and guarantee his right to good health care by making latest medical services available. We give special emphasis on the comfort of patients and their well-being. At the same time, renovation projects are carried out throughout the year and existing facilities are improved and upgraded.

With constant increase in the number of patients, our challenges continue to grow and we are in constant need of funds. Your help can provide the balance of life to the people of Pakistan who are deprived and challenged by disease.


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