We endeavor to create a difference in many aspects of medical care. Below are some of our most notable initiatives.

Patient Welfare for Food

Free Food Provision to Indoor Patients

Most patients who enter Jinnah Hospital are malnourished! Even the best treatment and medicine cannot give them good health. Seeing this critical need, Jinnah Hospital has started a programme to give food to its poor patients. This is a low budget initiative providing three meals of nutritious diet a day at the rate of U.S. half a dollar per patient per day.

Poor patient Help

Curbing Rapidly Growing Hepatitis

There are about 10 million chronic patients of Hepatitis C in Pakistan. It is most prevalent in the poor strata of the society.

Jinnah Hospital initiated a programme in September 2006 to provide treatment to Hepatitis C patients. Under this programme, Jinnah Hospital has been catering to 30 cases per day. 90% of Hepatitis patients are non-affording. The treatment for each patient is spread over six months at a cost of U.S. $365.

Patient Care

One Bed Programme

Jinnah Hospital Lahore is equipped with 1,300 beds to cater to the needs of more than 871,909 patients a year. Through our one Bed Programme, Patient Welfare Association has been contributing in serving the needs of patients on these 1,300 beds. The care that we provide to them includes free treatment, medicine, and free food. All this comes at a cost of S390 per patient per year.

Treatment and medicines of patients on a bed for a year cost $200 and three meals a day expense is $190 for one bed for a year.

Helpless Patient Care

VP Shunt Implant

6,000 patients come to Neurology Department every year. Many of these suffer from life-threatening disorders caused by disease or injury which lead to swollen brain tissues. The one and only hope for these patients is to undergo a surgery involving the implantation of a VP Shunt. This is a small device but makes a big difference in many ways. The cost of each device is U.S. $ 200.