Success Stories

Here are some of the major stories of hope which we have witnessed. This is a reflection of our commitment of serving every patient.

Poor patient Help

You can bless someone with a smile

I did not know the power of a simple SMILE till the other day when I visited Oncology Department of Jinnah Hospital. I saw a fifteen years old boy, Umair Hassan, lying on the bed and staring at me with a fixed gaze.

I asked his mother, "What happened to him? "She replied, "He has a brain tumor", and I could see the soreness in her eyes. She told me that even the pain during a child's birth is not as agonizing as compared to seeing her child on bed with Cancer!

The family is very poor and they live in the suburbs of Lahore. Umair, is the eldest among the siblings and used to study in class 8 when he started suffering from high temperature. It got so severe that he lost his speech and the right side of his body paralyzed.

Umair was brought to Jinnah Hospital after many checkups in his hometown. At that time they were not left with any money for Umair's treatment as his father works as a daily wage painter. At Jinnah he was given free MRI scan and a cyst was diagnosed in his brain. Umair received 21 fractions of radiotherapy in January 2013. His condition is considerably stable but he has to undergo a surgery at Neurology Department.

I was so lost in listening to their story that I did not realize that I was continuously smiling at Umair. This was until Umair seemed to notice it and smiled back for a little while, warming the heart of his mother and filling the moment with joy!

It is patients like Umair who actually deserve your Zakat.

Poor patient Help

No Act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted

"It was all blurred! I was trying to lift myself but I could not my heart was beating really fast, all I could hear was; "jaldi karo, jaldi karo" and then the little vision I had was gone. When I woke up, I found myself on a Hospital bed!"

Ishtiaq is an 18 year old farmer of Kasur and he met a road accident while driving back home on his motorcycle from the fields. It was pretty dark when out of nowhere a couple of children came in front of him. Ishtiaq panicked and in trying to save those innocent lives, his bike hit an electric pole.

He was taken to a private hospital near Ichra, where he stayed for twenty five days with no sign of improvement. The doctors surmised that Ishtiaq's leg had to be removed and the surgery will require U.S. $350 approximately.

It was really difficult for the poor family of Ishtiaq to arrange such a huge amount from their meagre earning of U.S. $ 100 a month, with four depend-ants. They, therefore, shifted Ishtiaq to Jinnah Hospital with the belief that expenses will be lower here. Noticing the severity of the wound, Ishtiaq's surgery was done on the day he entered Jinnah!

The family was relieved to hear that the surgery was successful and free of cost. "I thank Patient Welfare Association who has shared our burden in this time of great need", says Ishtiaq's father.

Many such cases are seen in the Hospital, where relatives get helpless because of lack of funds. These people are deprived and they need help from people like us to satisfy their little needs. Act of kindness, no matter how small, is never wasted. Let's join hands and help unfortunates like Ishtiaq heal to a normal condition.

Poor patient Help

Healing Their Way Back Home

For ten years old Rizwana, the thought of being discharged from the Hospital alone raised her spirits and gave her the strength to stand up from her bed! She was glad that she could once again go to school and interact with her friends whom she had missed so much for so long.

Rizwana was admitted in the Pediatric Department with a rheumatic heart disease. Although the treatment requires many years to cure, her initial time at the hospital gave her enough strength to return home.

Helpless Patient Care

From a Trauma Victim to a Survivor

There are no words to express the catastrophic pain and suffering that a trauma survivor endures; life changes instantly. The change is drastic, especially for a young girl, when the prospects of leading a complete life become dim.

Sixteen years old Shabina Bibi is a resident of Kanganpur, Kasur. Her father is a farmer with a monthly income of U.S. $35. She was helping her father in cutting the cattle fodder when her scarf was caught in the machine blades. Shabina was pulled head first into the machine causing severe damage to her skull. She was brought to Jinnah Hospital with the hope of giving her a new life. Today her condition is stable and she is on the road to recovery.

Patient Care

Challenges are Met at Jinnah Hospital

It was a hole in his heart which led 12-year-old Zeeshan's family to the doors of Jinnah Hospital for a major open-heart surgery. Zeeshan's case was complicated because he was under-weight (weighing only 23 kgs) and was pronounced un-fit for surgery by other Cardiology institutes. Moreover, Zeeshan's father, Javed Iqbal, a poor labourer working in a private company and the sole supporter of a family of seven, was unable to arrange U.S. $1,110 required for the surgery.

Dr. Tayyab Pasha and a team of expert cardiologists accepted Zeeshan's complex case and Zeeshan was operated on 17th March 2008. After spending two weeks in the hospital, he was fit to be discharged.

Patient Welfare for Food

A Hopeful Journey at Cardiology Department

52-years-old Hameed is a tea man at a local company and has an income of U.S. $110 per month. His income might not sound as measly but with a family of four daughters, a son, his wife, and parents living in a rented house, he hardly makes his two ends meet.

Hameed had been sick for more than five days and was having treatment during which he had a severe heart attack. He was rushed to Jinnah's Cardiology Department in a critical condition. His heart surgery (by pass) was done totally free of cost.